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A great way to gather all your notes together

Ideas, recipes, plans, documents, task lists, shopping lists, notes, photos - collect it all together.

And group it in folders - let everything will be in order.

Colorize your notes and folders - will be easier to navigate.

You need something to hide from prying? Encrypt notes with secret keys.


Shortest way to create note – enter text in search bar. And tap button.

New note appears on desktop. You can add more notes same way.

Regular way – tap button when search bar is empty

Enter text in editor and tap button with check mark.

You need to change the text? Just tap on sticker.

You can change color of paper

Mark note as important

Send with email, print or copy to other app

Delete note

Want to move note to other place? Long press it.

Drag to desired place and drop here


You can enter just text.

Or make complex formatted document.

So conveniently add lists with numbers or bullets.

Highlight text using colors.

Even insert pictures or photos just inside your text.

Instantly change paragraph style

Change decoration of selected fragment

Choose font

And change letters size

Color of text and background

Align paragraphs as you need

Want to have list with numbers? The numbers will calculate automatically.

Or bullet list

Want to insert picture?

You can choose existing from photo gallery.

Or make shot from camera.

Paste from other app via clipboard

Todos and Shopping Lists

Want to schedule a to-do list? And mark finished?

Quickly write a shopping list? And strike out bought?

Why search for specialized apps?

Do it directly in notes

Simply add new note and choose style for tasks

Begin works due to plan? Next job completed?

Open note and tap on completed task.

Want to mark the job on which work started but not yet completed?

Use a special style for this.

A great way not to forget where you stopped.

Need to divide the plan into stages?

Use multiple lists right in one note.


There are too many notes?

It has become difficult to navigate?

It's time to restore order.

And put everything in folders.

Need to place documents to a separate folder? Add a folder for them.

Documents too much? Add subfolders.

The depth of nesting is unlimited.

Did not like the folder name? You can always rename.

What if you change the color of folders? Yes – that's better.

I think we've created a new note in the wrong folder. Not a problem.

Open the note. And moved, where necessary.

The folder can also be moved.

Photos and Pictures

What if you need to sort pictures in folders too?

Would make a handy photo album.

Yes – exactly the same as the text notes, in the folder you can put pictures.

Event together.

A handy photo album with folders. And all this right in the notes.

Open photo


Isn't she just wonderful?


There are too many confidential information?

Necessary to hide from prying eyes?

It's time to encrypt the important data!

You can encrypt your notes selectively – not all, but only those that should be protected.

You can encrypt different notes with different passwords.

As keys for door closing. It is possible to have several different keys to lock different doors. Some doors can be left unlocked.

It's time to go to the settings and add the secret key.

And a couple more – they will come in handy.

Come out of settings, open an unsecured note, tap the padlock and choose a secret key, which must be used to lock.

Ok. The note is secured by a lock. But the lock is open and we can see what is hidden.

Go into settings and close the lock.

Note now protected and locked.

You can't find out what's inside.

Of course, if you do not know the password.

You can lock whole folder.

Will encrypt everything inside with all sub folders.

Decided to lock a folder on a different key?

You can do this at any time.

Or remove the encryption on the folder or notes, if there is no more need to protect her.

Exit notes, and forgot to lock the keys? Don't worry.

If within five minutes you will not return, all unlocked keys will be automatically locked.

You will never forget to leave the keys unlocked.

Even Better

Are you pleasured to work with notes?


You can even more convenient.

Tired each time to reach for the button to go back?

Well, forget about it!

Need to go back to the parent folder?

Just swipe the current folder up or down.

Try to pull up or down and the folder will close behind your finger.

Return from the note to the folder?

Don't reach out to the button. Swipe.

Don't be afraid that you will lose the changes, they will save during swipe.

Want to see adjacent notes or photos?

No need to go back to the folder. Just swipe the screen left or right.

Need to find the note?

Search box always at top.

Start typing words.

The result will appear immediately.

Tired to delete the notes one by one?

You have a magic button.

Now no need to open each note.

Magic button can more than only delete.

Select multiple notes with a simple touch.

And move all marked notes to a different folder.

In one touch.

Or encrypt

Want to increase the size of the stickers? Or decrease?

Maybe change the font?

Open settings and change the appearance of the sticker.

You can do so

Or so

Or even so


Agree – when your data are not only on the phone, but the archive on the hard disk of the computer feel much calmer

You can create an archive at any time in the settings

And pick it up via iTunes

You can always restore data from backup

And delete old ones, so as not to overload the phone memory

But the archives can be used not only for recovery.

You can migrate all the data from one device to another.

Or to have multiple independent sets of notes.

And switch between them.

Don't forget to save current kit before you switch.

Well, that's all

Have a nice work!